Confessions – I make 1 lakh a month as a freelance massage therapist.

By Mantra Krishh

Let me make this clear, I am not a PIMP but a service provider. All of us love a good massage with sexual overtones to fulfil our bodily needs. I am just providing the pleasures my clients are looking for.

After being ten years in the massage field, today I have ten boys whom I manage and I rarely need to work. The income keeps coming from the boys I have trained and groomed. Yes, I do make my visits to selective clients but that’s at a premium cost. My boys are trust-worthy and content with the earnings they get, none of them cheat me. The ones who cheated me are struggling to find their own clients.


From the age of thirteen, I have always enjoyed sex. I kept getting seduced by elderly men, be it in the swimming pool or by my own private tuitions teacher. Fortunately I was well-endowed but at that age I didn’t realize what I was getting into. It was just self-pleasure that mattered to me.

Due to family problems, I started giving massage at the age of 16. I had to survive since my dad has left us and mom wasn’t earning much. Ten years ahead, I hadn’t imagined that I would be in such a comfortable position. Yes, there have been my mentors and god-fathers who have helped me, groomed me and made me the stud I am today.

Do follow this site, to know about my life as a masseur, the kinky stuff I was made to do as a kid, how I blossomed into being a wild love making boy who everybody wanted to own as their property …and how I managed to get the money I wanted to make.