Confessions – Being a nymphomaniac, I am never satisfied on bed!

By Maaya

Having been sexually abused at an early age, I was still curbing my sexual desires since I was scared about voicing my feelings. I was also caught having sex in college and my parents felt that I should be married off at the age of nineteen years. Before marriage, I must have slept with almost 25 boys and even tried threesome a couple of times.

www.letstalkdirtyy (17)

I was quite bold coz I held the trump card that most boys couldn’t satisfy me. So I would abuse them and threaten to expose them if they opened their mouth. Most of them wanted repeat sessions hoping to prove themselves and of course, have another taste of the bitch that I was on bed.

Today, I am a divorcee getting a hefty alimony from my ex-husband who had a small polly. He was surely not what I wanted and had a premature ejaculation problem. He was aware of my college past and wonder why he agreed to marry me. Today we are friends and of course he foots my bills. At times, he even arranges young boys for me and enjoys watching me become a bitch on bed with them.

www.letstalkdirtyy (9).jpg

Be it my Zumba or fitness trainer or my young Nepali security guard, I am not shameful to admit I have used and thrown them. Yes, there have been around ten men who were fantastic and manage to satisfy me with multiple orgasms but later they got boring.

Do follow this site to know more about how and why I use, abuse and throw the men and yet they want me back on bed. Sex is a need for me, I want hard boys who know the art of being wild.

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